Now that the armature board and the armature are made it if time to start adding the clay. I am going to be sculpting a 12” maquette of the sketch from blog post #12. I start by making a square of clay for the base (plinth) and begin to add the clay onto the wire armature.

Adding clay to the wire armature ©Lori Kiplinger Pandy

As discussed in me previous post, I have made the armature to be 8 ‘head’s high. At 12” that means that one ‘head’ measurement is 1.5”. I placed a small piece of tape on my armature board and using a Sharpie I have marked one ‘head’ at 1.5” long to use as a measuring guide. I add the clay as a simple skeleton form and make line guides on the clay for reference. 


The calipers are constantly in use, checking on the scale and measurements as I work.

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