Mind map created using of Fannie Mae Duncan ©Lori Kiplinger Pandy

Now that I have read the book and watched some videos and taken copious notes its time to start organizing ideas for the sculpture. I start this process by taking all my notes and looking at what is most important and creating a mind map to start the creative process. I used to just make lists and I am a visual person so I find that organizing the information in a chart is more helpful. You can use paper and markers, computer programs or just a notebook or notecards and tape them up. However I recently found a great site called that makes organizing a mind map chart easy and colorful - with the added benefit that I can log in and refer to it on my phone in addition to my computer and make changes quickly and easily from either device. I love that allows for unlimited changes and additions. As I work, if another idea pops into my head I can simply add it to the tree, or create a new branch. If something no longer seems viable I delete it.

For the first mind map you can see that I have made categories to best describe Fannie Mae Duncan as a person to remind me of her look and mannerisms and personality.

Mindmap of sculpture ideas for Fannie Mae Duncan using ©Lori Kiplinger Pandy

I have decided to portray Fannie Mae Duncan in the time period of 1953. To me, this seems like the most vibrant and optimistic time for her: she an Ed were very successful and the Cotton Club was her newest and biggest venture. She and Ed had made it and were sharing the experiences together.

Next on the work list is sourcing some period clothing, shoes, hats and accessories….

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