Fred Douglass Sculpture on TV show - American Crime Story Versace

Fred Douglass Sculpture ©Lori Kiplinger Pandy

I have had some interesting inquires lately. First I was contacted by the set designers for the TV show "Scandal" asking if they could rent my bronze sculpture "Fierce" (Harriet Tubman) for one of their set of "Scandal". Very interesting but after they reviewed the various options for their set design they ended up not going in that direction. Shame, it would have been very cool to see my bronze sculpture of Harriet Tubman on TV.

Then I was contacted by 21 Century Fox's FX TV Studio. They were interested in purchasing a casting of my original ceramic sculpture bust of Frederick Douglass "The Orator". I had a client already committed to purchasing a casting and I agreed to do an edition of 10 cast in Forton with this client reserving #1/10. The studio agreed to buy #2/10 of "The Orator" for the set of their upcoming 10-episode "The Assassination of Gianni Versace" for their show American Crime Story. They began filming the series on location at the Versace mansion in Miami in April and have pushed the release date up to Season 2 instead of Season 3.

It ended up being a rush to get the mold made and cast the bust in Forton, duplicate the patina and overnight air-ship the sculpture to Miami but it was very interesting to work with Fox/FX to get this done in time for filming.  Below are photos showing the process of making the casting. I was very pleased with how the casting came out. It's always nerve-wracking to work on a tight deadline - but this was exceedingly tight with a movie set counting on the work being there on time. The mold and casting came out great and once the patina added it was identical to the original. In the photos below I show the process and the final outcome. There wasn't time to set up my photography equipment so I just snapped some shots with my phone in the studio. The patina was damaged on the original sculpture during the mold-making but is something that I can repair later. The Frederick Douglass casting is available to purchase $1500. Call or email me for more information.

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