Shadows playing on my art...

Bas Reliefs on the fence with windmill shadow ©Lori Kiplinger Pandy

I was having coffee at the small cafe table by our window facing out over the back yard. It's always so nice to have a cup, watch the birds at the feeder while having a chat. Then the morning sun shifted a bit and caused the shadow of the our windmill to center right over the face of of my bas relief sculpture of the girl and the bear, "Standing her Ground", in such a pretty halo-like way.  The photo is a tad blurry and grainy but having a cup of hot coffee on a cold morning and looking over the sparkling snowy morning made a very nice start to my day.

The relief sculptures are cast from Forton or Aqua Resin (polymer modified fiberglass reinforce gypsum) and are light enough to hang easily on my fence. This is their second winter exposed to the Colorado weather on my south-facing fence. I love having "my girls" in the back gardens all yea

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