The sculpting of the clay is just the first phase on the road to a bronze sculpture. The clay is destroyed when making the mold and then it is time to pour the wax into the mold to make hollow sections of the sculpture for preparation of the lost-wax casting process that is bronze. To see the process more fully here is a video by the National Sculpture Society.

Molds, wax vat, pouring wax
Removing hollow wax from mold
Transporting and store the wax castings
Tools used in chasing wax
Removing wax pour spouts and chasing the wax holes
Progression of wax chasing

In the photo above you can see the progression of patching the holes. On the left the patch is partially made and melted into the purse. In the middle is the shiny, newly melted and adhered patch and on the right is the patch once it has cooled and been ‘chased’ or sculpturally corrected to make it invisible - ready for bronze casting.

The finished chased wax surface

The bottom of the purse is now chased and finished - on to the next wax chasing section.

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