It’s almost time!


I popped by the foundry and did a last check on the metal and made arrangements for the patina scheduling. ….the final check on the metal before patina. This time there is only one tiny area to circle on the purse left to chase. 


The last of the metal chasing is complete and the bronze is once again raw and shiny. Next week they will do the final sandblasting to ensure the surface of the metal is pristine and ready to accept the patina.


Speaking as an artist, I find that after the face, hands are one of the most expressive features of the human anatomy. It is interesting how much can be said with a simple gesture, as anyone familiar with American Sign Language is sure to know and appreciate. The slightest change in the position and the amount of tension or relaxation in the wrist, hand and phalanges (fingers) speak volumes and are key to storytelling. I simply love the relaxed, confident and yes, welcoming attitude of this hand gesture.


There isn’t much to tell on this post. The metal is done and she waits patiently to come to life under the skillful application of the patina next week….

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