Commission a Sculpture

Commission a special sculpture

  • In memory of a loved one
  • to honor our military (10% military discount)
  • inspirational figures for schools, colleges, libraries and churches
  • your spouse, parents or children
  • unique gift
  • corporate founders or club leaders
  • award for service or accomplishment
  • personalize your home or garden with your own unique art
  • celebrate an anniversary or special life event

Photo of sculptor Lori Kiplinger Pandy working on a sculpture.

Commission your sculpture today

1) Contact me - we'll discuss your needs and your budget. Do you need a one of a kind, a bronze edition, resin, plaster, fired clay? Will the sculpture be displayed inside or outdoors?

2) Based on this conversation I'll provide you with a quote for services and a timeline.

3) We either arrange for a sitting time for the person or you provide me with reference photos to work from - I work on some sketches to start and we discuss the sketches and how the sculpture should look before beginning the actual sculpture.

4) If the commission is a portrait, I want to know all about the person. The more I know, the more I can reflect that person's life into the work of art.

5) The project is broken down into thirds for payment and production. The final 1/2 is invoiced when you receive the work and approve the sculpture.

6) I photograph the work in stages so you can see the progress and you are kept informed with how your sculpture is progressing - there are no surprises.

7) If the work is to be cast, I work with mold-makers, casting companies, bronze foundries and patina artists to see the work through to completion.

8) The final sculpture is approved upon pickup or upon shipping to your location.

Commissions can be portraits, busts, full figure, wildlife or bas relief and can range in size from petite sculptures of only 6" to monument size and can be fired ceramic, cast forton/aqua resin, hydrocal , cold cast bronze or cast stone or traditional lost-wax bronze.


Gallery, corporate and artists' representative inquiries are invited.

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