Bas Relief wall sculpture for your home, garden or office

Bas Reliefs Standing Ground and True to Herself ©Lori Kiplinger Pandy

My new bas reliefs are now ready for purchase and will be easy to ship as they weigh less than 8lbs each.

These are the first two in a series of four wall sculptures featuring strong young women and incorporating symbolism with flowers and animals.

Reliefs are especially nice because they are wall hung, like paintings, but have depth and spacial presence. While reliefs can be cast in bronze, you'll find that they require special walls and hardware for hanging due to the heavy weight of metal. 

When decorating your home or garden with plaques and wall relief sculptures, take the environment into consideration. Is the wall stucco and sand colored? Or dark wood? The background that the sculpture is set against can make a real difference allowing the art to shine and create a special and inviting atmosphere.

 A small sculpture would require a small wall for display or else the sculpture should be part of a grouping - otherwise it can get lost on the wall and lose its impact. 

The color and texture on the wall or plants or furniture nearby also work for or against your new art purchase. If you have a busy brick wall, putting a detailed painting or sculpture next to it could result in too much to look at - lessening your enjoyment of the work. Think in terms of contrast to make the most of your art and surroundings: dark against light, texture against smooth, detail against plain.

These weather resistant high bas relief sculptures have a hand created patina and no two are exactly alike. In fact, you can request custom colors to truly personalize the art.

Contact me for availability and to purchase sculpture.

Gallery and dealer inquires are also welcome.

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