Glyptic Sculpting Tool Review

I'm trying something a little different by doing a video review today. Depending on how long it takes me to learn to video, edit and upload I may choose to do more in a video format - or may do them occasionally while doing regular blog posts with still photos. The goal is to share information but not to take away too much actual sculpting and studio time.

Every sculptor has an arsenal of sculpting tools. Some are used once and deemed not very useful and others get used into the the ground. I have some great tools that use quite a lot and it shows. I have some that are constantly breaking or pulling apart at the ferrule. Yes, I can usually fix it by mixing a two-part epoxy and cemented it back together - but over time they break again.

One tool that has never had this problem is the Glyptic Sculpting Tool. I have the Glyptic E Handle which is for small and medium loops and do plan to buy a larger tool for my next sculpting project. What I like is that because the loop extends down into the aluminum handle it takes the pressure off the ferrule area, resulting in a strong tool. I can really dig with this baby and it doesn't give, bend or wiggle and trust me, in a cold Colorado studio, the clay can get pretty hard - bending and breaking tools is common.

You can also easily change out the tool's loop ends from small to medium, smooth and serrated. The set of loops that I have is medium serrated and comes with 7 loop ends and a small hex wrench.

Simply loosen the small hex bolt, slide out the loop, choose a new loop to insert and re-tighten the hex bolt and you're ready to sculpt with a new size or shape of loop tool.

I got mine about 5-7 years ago from and it is still in as good of a shape has when I got it. When you compare that to the tools that I have epoxied back together, that's saying something.

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