Memorial Sculpting for Grief Recovery 14


It helps to be able to remove sections of the sculpture to get more access for your hands and working. I have a small ball vice that I keep on the side of my sculpture board that can hold the armature wire and allow a different perspective of the work.


While it is more convenient to work on small areas this way is it very important to put the sculpture back together after short sessions to see it as a whole.


In order not to have my eye distracted by color, I have painted the clients' polymer clay bowl a color similar to the clay so that it blends in with the rest of the work. I did have to attach two screws through the bowl to secure it - otherwise it would shift during sculpting and moldmaking. One screw is visible and will remain so - but when the mold is made and the work is cast in wax I will be able to chase (carve away) the screw and mimic the textures that are around it so that you would never know that it was ever there in the final bronze.


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