Memorial Sculpting for Grief Recovery 8…clothes


Now that the two boys have been blocked in it is time to start adding the volume of the hair and the clothing. Everything is relational and proportional. So while it is important that your sculpture be able to stand on its own without the crutch of decoration such as hair or clothes it is equally important to remember that hair, clothing and shoes add mass. So the unadorned the sculpture can look a bit out of proportion until those mass items are added.


The bowl is not attached at this time, as I am awaiting the final bowl from the family. That means that the arms and hands will not be fully developed until later. Additionally I have not attached the armature of the smaller boy to the board at this time, either. It helps to be able to remove the smaller boy periodically in order to have access to the interior areas. I’ll next start adding clothes to the smaller boy too - always work to bring up all areas to the same level of finish rather than become enamored of one area and leave the rest for later. If you do that you’ll often find that your labor of love is lost because it doesn’t fit with the rest of the sculpt and will need to be torn down.


At this stage I am still not concerned with the likeness of the faces. While I am getting a general look of the face shape and expression I realize that there is a lot more work to go and a lot of accidental bumping of the head and hands as I work on the entire sculpture. When the clothing and other items are blocked in and well under way I will return to the faces. I often consider that part my dessert - earned after all the other hard work is in….

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