FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plays or layaway programs to purchase your sculpture?

Yes, I do. It's a very simple agreement. With 10% down payment and up to 12 months to pay, I will reserve your sculpture and ship it to you when paid for - interest free. Look at my Installment Purchase Plan to see the details.

I see you cast in bronze and something called Forton. What is Forton? What is Aqua Resin?

Forton and Aqua Resin are brand names for a polymer modified fiberglass reinforced gypsum. These are specialty products that are non-toxic and when properly sealed, weather resistant and extremely strong. Suitable for indoor our outdoor display and have been used in architectural facades and art for over 30 years.

Can you change the colors on your sculptures?

Yes. On bronze, the patina (surface color of the sculpture) is a complicated process using chemicals and heat to interact with the bronze to produce certain colors and effect. They can be custom colored to your specifications but it is an organic process. No two sculptures will ever be exactly alike and the patina will vary slightly. That said, there are lots of options and yes, the patina can be changed and custom colored. payment

For instance, the dress and purse on "Waiting for the #9" could easily be a lovely green color. Contact me discuss your color options.

For pieces cast in Forton or Aqua Resin or original ceramic sculpture, I do all the patina work myself and each can be colored to be special for you.

What kind of clay do you use?

When I am sculpting for bronze, I prefer Jmac Classic clay in medium or firm. I'll use soft if I'm working larger. Other clays that I use are Chavant's Le Beau Touché and Clayette. When I working in ceramic clay, I like a variety of water-based clay and paper-clay - it depends upon the project. 

Can you change the face on the sculpture to look like my daughter?

If a sculpture is cast in bronze or any other medium, it can't be changed. I can, however sculpt a private commission of someone in the style of one of my sculptures. If you loved "Waiting on the #9" but wanted it too look like someone in particular, call me or send me an email to discuss a commissioned piece. You can also check out my page - Commission a Sculpture - for more information.

Why do commissioned pieces cost more than an edition piece?

When working in an edition, the costs are spread out. When working on a commission - all the costs are on the one piece. For instance if a mold costs $800 to make  and I cast one sculpture, the cost of the mold per sculpture is $800. However I have an edition of 10 then the cost of the mold is $80 per sculpture cast and if the edition is 50, then the cost of the mold per sculpture is now $16. The same math would apply to the  time to sculpt, time to cast, patina and other materials.

Where to you come up with your ideas?

Ideas come from many places. Sometimes it is a coincidence that gets you thinking, as in the case with "Fierce". I was reading two different books at the same time and both mentioned Harriett Tubman. That got my curiosity going and 'spoke' to me. That sent me on a mission to discover more about Ms. Tubman and was the inspiration for the work.

Other times I'll catch a glimpse of a person's expression on their face and I'll simply want to record it because it told a story.

Most of the time, I keep a sketchbook and log a visual diary of images and ideas and keep revisiting them to refine and develop the ones that seem the most interesting.

How long does it take you to make a sculpture?

That is variable....and a difficult question to answer. An idea may come quickly or may take days to work out the sketch. Once I have a good idea of what I want to sculpt, I have to assemble an armature or base for the clay, which could take 2-8 hours. The actual sculpting time can take 30 hours to 3 months. It really depends on the situation.

Additionally there is the time to hollow, dry and fire a ceramic sculpture - that can be a day or two to hollow followed by 2 weeks or more to dry and 3 days to fire.

For making a bronze it can take an additional two weeks to get a mold made and 10-14 weeks for the foundry to complete the bronze, patina and basing ready for shipping to you.

Please email me or leave a comment if you have more questions.

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